Second hand macs

We have a variety of second hand Macs for sale, including intel macbook laptops and G5 imacs. These are all on the list to download below. There are also a number of older computers available including PowerPC G5 Towers not on the list, please ask for details of these older machines if interested.

This offer is only for current members of the workshop. We will offer a complete refund or replacement if they go wrong within three months.

The Macs have been donated to us and will have some form of security coding on them, this is usually a small dotted postcode on the back or side of the machines. The computers have been wiped with a clean install of the operating software. We are not offering install disks or delivery.

To buy please phone either Claude or Catherine on  7607 8660, you can pay over the phone or in person by card.

We recommend you come in to pay in person to make sure you’re satisfied with the computer you’re buying.

After a week this list will be offered to our wider mailing list.


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