Free production service

We have a number of volunteers and members who want to improve their showreels and increase their expereince by working with clients. To faciltate this we take reqests from organisations wanting a professional video or animation and match them to potential filmmakers and animators.

This offer is aimed at charities and not for profit organisations although commercial organisation are welcome to apply if they are prepared to donate a small amount to a charity of their choice. We ask that the clients pay for any travel and expenses including lunch.

In some cases (particularly animation), it may be more appropriate to offer the work to more experienced volunteers or freelancers. The client would then pay a fee to the artist as they will be in the next stage of their career and will have more skill and expertise. This fee would be below the commercial rate and would be negotiated with the client and agreed beforehand.

How to apply
Send a detailed but concise email to Please include dates, where the video is going to be shown and provide links to examples of your work.

Past clients include:
Grimshaw Architects and Wheels of Change – editing work for high profile cyclists ( Jon Snow, Zeb Soanes and Ben Norris)
Royal Horticulture Society Wisley – Two animations for their root display
Cary Bazelgatte (Ex head of education for the BFI) – editing work
Imperial Hotel group – filmed and edited sequence for exhibition
Hungerford School – filmed and edit school play
Rotherfield School – edited transition DVD
Them Changes – pop video, production and edit
NHS (Camden PCT) – video for report

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