Final Cut Pro X (One-Day Course)

Final Cut Pro X (one day course)

Day: TBC
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Duration: One day
Price: £110 (Concessions £88)

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Course Overview
This one-day hands-on course will show you how to make the most of the new Final Cut Pro X with its computer-enhanced workflow, creative tools, and robust delivery solutions. This course covers the entire editing process from selecting and organising your clips to building a finished story. You will learn how to perform basic editing functions while becoming familiar with the Final Cut Pro X User interface and new features including Automatic import features, Media management, Improved timeline and Streamlined audio editing.

Please note: Because of the position Apple has taken with the release of this software. Final Cut Pro X does not currently allow for collaboration between other professional post-production tools or previous versions of Final Cut Pro. Whilst this may be rectified in future updates, students should be made aware that this software is primarily for producing content for web distribution and basic DVD and Blu Ray production.

Course Outcomes
Upon completing this course, you will have covered:
• Final Cut Pro User interface, Workflow & Media Management
• Understanding Events and Projects
• Organising your files and your system
• Working with Keywords and Ratings
• Import, Editing, and Trimming
• Marking clips, using insert, overwrite and drag-and-drop editing
• Trimming techniques – Ripple, Roll and Extended edits as well as the Slip and Slide tools
• Transitions, Effects, and Export
• Using and modifying transitions
• Applying filters and Changing Motion properties
• Image Stabilisation and Analysis
• Chroma-keying (green-screen)
• Using Colour Balancing to make your images look great
• Applying audio filters
• Streamlined audio editing
• Finishing and final output

Lesson Structure:
Part 1
 Organisation – workflow, media management, events, projects, keywords, ratings
Part 2 Practical Exercises – Importing, editing, trimming, transitions, effects
Part 3 Practical Exercises – Finishing and output: colour balance, audio editing and mix-down, final output

Entry Requirements:
No previous editing experience is necessary. Students should be fluent in English.

Pierre Vella is an independent digital creative working in film, video and digital technologies. He is a founding member of MITA (Moving Image Training Alliance) and runs a series of training programmes in film and video post-production, web technologies and motion graphics in London as well as training MA students in video editing at the University of Cambridge.

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