The Filmworkshop film fund

This scheme is to encourage academicians to make more films and is open to anyone who has attended a BFI film academy with us. We are offering:

  • £200 cash
  • Free hire of any of our equipment
  • Free use of our studio in Islingtonquestion
  • Help and support


  • Create a film between 1 and 10 minutes long with some photos.
  • Finish the film in the time agreed (usually 6 months).
  • Make sure the video and audio is of an acceptable standard.
  • You have permission to use any music, actor’s performances, locations etc.
  • Not incite hatred, be offensive, nor promote religious or political ideology.
  • Be unbiased and offer a balanced view if the film is documentary
  • Application deadline: Monday Jan 16th 2017 5.00pm
  • Applicant’s informed of decisions: Jan 30th 2017
  • Apply with this form, a production schedule that looks like this and a treatment
  • Go here for more details and frequently asked questions

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