BFI residential fee scheme

We welcome applications from talented young filmmakers from all backgrounds. The fee ranges from £0 to £210 for the Specialist Residential course, including accommodation and food, but generous financial assistance and a bursary scheme ensures that costs will not prevent any filmmaker from taking part – if you have the talent we will make sure you can attend.

The bursary scheme can help with travel, childcare or other prohibitive costs, details here.

If you are eligible for the maximum reduction you will still need to pay a £25 refundable deposit, this will be returned at the end of the residential providing you have attended the majority of the sessions or have a reasonable excuse.

Why is there a charge and how is it set?
In order to support more participants with bursaries who would otherwise be unable to attend, the Department for Education (DfE) has asked that we introduce a modest charge for those who are able to contribute. Due to generous support from the DfE, Creative Scotland, Lottery funding and Northern Ireland Screen we are able to heavily subsidise the cost of fees. The true cost of providing these courses is nearly £2,000, but the maximum you will be asked to pay is £210.

Who is the financial assistance available to?
Financial assistance is available to any young person who requires support to ensure no one will be deterred from applying for or taking up their place on a residential course. It is subject to you accepting your place on the course and committing to attending all the dates.

How will my application for financial assistance be assessed?
Once you are offered a place on the course you will be asked to declare your total household income using the framework below. You will not be required to submit any additional information at this stage but once the places have been allocated we ask a random sample of 20% of applicants to provide evidence of their status.

How much will the subsidy be?
The full fee per course is £210, the maximum assistance available would cover the whole of this cost, meaning you would pay nothing. There is also a fund available for those who may need help with travel, child care, access (such as a signer) or other costs related to their participation.

Please note:  Film Academy course fees are already highly subsidised and do not cover actual costs. The subsidy offered will be determined based on household income. You will not have to make any contribution if your total taxable family income before tax is £29,927 or less (after deducting £1,865 for each dependent child in the family, including the Film Academy participant) in your latest completed tax return. If your family income is more than £29,927 you will have to make a contribution, as shown below.

Please contact us for further information on any of the above or if you would like to discuss your individual circumstances:

Bursary levels

Total household income (less deductions for children)      Course fee   
Under £29,927 £0 – (£25 refundable deposit)
£29,928 – £47,883 £50
£47,884 – £65,839 £140
£65,840 or more £210

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