ICT/Edit teaching room

12 Apple  G5 Pro towers and 4 Apple imac G5 computers

1 teaching station with Apple G5  linked to LCD projector.

DVD/VHS, DVCam and mini DV playback linked to TV and LCD projector and sound system.

All computers have broadband connectivity.

Loaded with Final Cut Pro, After FX, Motion, Maya, Premiere, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Cubase, Reason, Logic, plus other software packages.

  • 8 hr day £300.00 Ex.VAT
  • 12 hr day £500.00 Ex.VAT
  • per hour £70.00 Ex.VAT

Other equipment such as cameras and DV decks can be hired per hour.

We can also design, deliver and provide tutors for individual courses if required.

You are welcome to visit to see the space.

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