Equipment hire

This is only available to members. Concessions prices are in brackets. If you know what you want go here to book.

Cannon XM2 Kit
£41 (£29) for day/weekend
£96 (£69) for 3 days
£164 (£116) for week

Includes XLR adaptor, tripod and 2 batteries, see prices

Sennheiser sound kit
£25 (£17) for day/weekend
£60 (£40) for 3 days
£100 (£68) for week

Includes Rycotte softy, boom, minijack extension and headphones, see prices

Apple ibook G4 edit suite

£21 (£14) for day/weekend
£50 (£34) for 3 days
£67 (£45) for week

12 inch, 1Ghz with Final Cut Pro 6, Adobe Creative Suite 3, DVD Studio Pro, Frame Thief and istop Motion, see prices

Full shooting kit (XM2 kit and Sennheiser kit)
£61 (£43) for day/weekend, £146 (£103) for 3 days, £244 (£172) for week

Full production kit (XM2 kit, Sennheiser kit and laptop edit suite)
£81 (£54) for day/weekend, £194 (£130) for 3 days, £324 (£216) for week
see prices

* Pick up after 2pm day before hire
* Return before 11am day after hire
* Proof of identity and security deposit required
* You will be totally responsible for the equipment
* We need 1 weeks notice

Cannon XM2 Kit includes
Power supply/battery charger
Beachbox (XLR Mic adaptor)
6pin-4pin Firewire cable
Carry case
2 X Long-life battery
Velbon D-600 tripod

Cannon XM2 Specs
470K pixel 3CCD with pixel shift
Canon Professional L-Series Fluorite Lens
20x optical zoom/100x digital zoom F1.6
Optical image stabiliser with VAP
Direction accurate stereo microphone
Two-channel audio level manual control
200K colour LCD/0.44 180K colour VF
Three shooting modes: normal, photo, frame movie

Sennheiser sound kit includes
Sennheiser K6 power module
Sennheiser M66 short gun mic module
Rycotte softy
Boom attachment grip
Carry case
Minijack to minijack extension
Boom (5 foot extended)
Sennheiser specs
The ME 66 is a short gun microphone head and the K6 is a battery powering modules, (non Phantom power). It is especially suitable for reporting, film and broadcast location applications and for picking up quiet signals in noisy or acoustically live environments as it discriminates against sound not emanating from the main pick-up direction.

Super-cardioid/lobar pick-up pattern
Highly directional
Low inherent self-noise
High sensitivity
Wide frequency response

Apple ibook G4 edit suite includes
Hardware – Apple G4 ibook 12 inch screen, 1Ghz, 30Gb Hard drive, 768 RAM, OSX 10.4.11, DVD read, CD read and write.

Applications – Final Cut Pro 6, Adobe Creative suite 3, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro 4.2, Frame thief and iStop motion. (Due to size constraints FCP will not have the following applications; Colour, Motion and Sound track pro).

You will need to use your own firewire 600 hard drive as there is only 7Gb of free space

Proof of identity
You need to show us a copy of a recent (3 months) utility bill, bank statement or council notice.

We also need either your passport or driving licence to keep during the hire period. Please note that will not be liable for any loss due to malfunctioning equipment apart from refunding the hire charge.

If the equipment is damaged or stolen you will have to replace it or pay for the repair. Our equipment is not covered for hire in our insurance policy.

Full cost details
Weekend hire is charged at the 1 day rate

Vat is included, concession prices are in yellow

To book you need to pay the full hire fee in advance. This can be done here or by phone/person.

Day costs





5 6 7
XM2 kit 41 82 98 114 131 147 164
XM2 kit (cons) 29 58 69 81 92 104 116
Sound Kit 25 50 60 70 80 90 100
Sound Kit (cons) 17 34 40 47 54 61 68
Edit laptop 21 42 50 59 67 76 84
Edit laptop (cons) 14 28 34 39 45 50 56
Camera and sound kit 61 122 146 171 195 220 244
Camera and sound kit (conc) 43 86 103 120 138 155 172
Camera, sound and edit kit 81 162 194 227 259 292 324
Camera, sound and edit kit (conc) 54 108 130 151 173 194 216

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