Covid-19 Update

Theses details were updated on 20/1/22 after the recent tightening of restrictions. We are currently following the guidelines given by the Government. We are also taking advice from the National Youth Agency, BFI and London Youth. Our youth activity will continue without any restrictions. However we will be still using the 5 steps of staying Covid-19 secure.

How this affects our activities

BFI residential film academy
This project will start on the 22/1/22 and be in person. Thinking about the duty of care for our staff and the students we will encourage the following:

  • Staff and students will not be asked to wear a mask
  • Students to remain in film group bubbles as much as possible
  • All equipment and touch points to be regularly cleaned.
  • To respect social distancing

What happens if the course is cancelled due to Covid?
Currently residential courses are allowed; if this changes and residential courses are not advised then we will move the course online. We ran this course online last year and it was a great success (we send kit out to people and work collaboratively). The fee is reduced to £50 for everyone with families earning over the lowest level and £25 for those under this level. You can join the online course or ask for a full refund.

London Youth Project – supported work experience
This project will be in person. We will be following the precautions outlined by City and Islington College

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