Bursary scheme for travel, child care and additional costs

There are two bursary schemes. One is for the fees and the other is for travel, childcare and additional costs. These details are for the travel costs etc. The fee bursary is here

It is important that no student, wherever they live or their circumstance, should feel excluded because the can’t afford the costs. You may apply for all or part of your travel, childcare or any other costs that would be incurred because you are attending the course.

How do I apply?
When you have been offered a place on the course we will ask if you want to claim a bursary. You then fill in this form and send it to us before the course starts. You may need to provide proof of any benefits your receive. Keep receipts of your costs and at the end of the course send us these receipts and we will transfer money into your account. If you need financial help before the course starts contact us and we will discuss your situation and work out a way to help.

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