Past animation bursaries
Each filmmaker worked in our studio space for several months producing their film. The Film and Video workshop provided equipment and technical support as well as careers advice and help with distribution.

elephant02Sarah Wickens produced the film ‘Elephant in my Room‘ – an elegaic 3 minute-animation about her grandmother who dies and comes back as an elephant, and how the members of her family deal with this situation. The film was seen on BBC Film Network and Sarah is now a student at the prestigious Royal College of the Art.


Emma Curtis has produced a film called “The Reason I Collect”  – an amazing stop-motion reason why i collectsonic and visual insight into the work of Paul who is a hoarder, artist and collector of stuff!  Told through Paul’s monologue and animated through the use of collected items and text on screen; we discover what Paul collects and why he wouldn’t change or part with his collections for the world.  ‘The Collector’ recieved it’s world premiere at the 2008 London International Animation Festival in September.

moondigSarah Dixon’s film is ‘Moondig‘.  Hand-drawn and shot on Super8, this poem-film is set in a snowy moonlit field where two people dig throughout the night to bury the heavy burden they have brought to this empty place. Sarah’s film also recieved it’s world premiere at the 2008 LIAF in the British panorama session.


welcome homesGemma Burditt created Welcome Homes based on a world where old people are collected and rounded up, examined and then processed. The voice-overs are provided by interviews with care workers. Gemma used Flash then After Effects and has produced a lovely film with a retro feel that neatly portrays an interesting idea and social issue.

underskiesUnder Skies is a beautiful film created by Michaela Nettell. There are sequential photographs of a model-boat lake at dawn, an everyday scene made magical. Michaela worked with sound artist Tom Simmons to create this moving abstract film


the grand pierEleanor Farnham created The Grand Pier,  a mixed media film made from animation, film footage and text exploring the ways we embrace the British seaside. Eleanor wanted to explore everyday peoples attitudes and what made going to the seaside special. The result is charming and reminds us of summer.

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