BFI Alumni progression 

Once you have completed a BFI Film Academy you become part of a growing family of students who are tying to find their way into the film industry- the alumni. There are a lot of opportunities, schemes and people who would like to help you and as an alumni you will be receiving some significant and exclusive support. Here are some examples.

Lucas films – well we all know what they make! For the last 3 years the BFI have run a scheme called Future Skills where they get 30 alumni to work on one of their big films! We have had 4 of our ex-students on the scheme, here is one

BAFTA – this organisation provides mentors to alumni, that is a BAFTA nominated person providing help and support to a young person over a period of several months. We have had 3 students on this scheme.

Just Runners – is a scheme that takes people who are ready for work and helps them get their first set of jobs, the scheme runs for 6 months and they manage to get 3-4 days work a week for their people. It is open to all, however they come to the academy for recommendations, we have had 7 people on this scheme.

BFI Film Academy opportunities booklet

Exclusive opportunities – offered only to alumni
* National lottery – commissioned 5 films to be made by the alumni celebrating their funding
* Studio visits to Pinewood, Double Negative, Framestore

Job opportunities – this is only to our alumni
* VFX work with momentum film – 4 alumni
* Long term filming contract for ProGym – 1 alumni
* Animation for advert – 5 alumni
* Tutoring – 24 alumni
* Crew for Commonwealth boxing event
* Crew for 4 music videos

Plus every month we collect together schemes, funding, jobs and anything interesting and send it to you. We will also help with your applications and be there when you need a hand.

Past filmworkshop alumni success
It is quite hard keeping track of our old students but here are some examples, in no particular order of what could happen to YOU

Leon Peart – Indiana Jones 5 ( BFI Future skills)
Hal Howe – Freelance runner ( director of recent short)
Saffron Weaver – Paramount Pictures
Eddie Hodge – 1 yr apprenticeship then full time at Framestore
Conor Tong – currently on 1 year apprenticeship at Double Negative
Monica Price – Lucas films
Ivan Tomovic – full time at lipSync film
Tori Aspinall – Lucas Films
Maria Pullen – Lucas films then Karrot animation
Tamara Kreitman  – Just runners scheme
Alaine Demosthenous – runner at Framestore
Emily Barr – assistant editor, ITV careers
Stuart Fuller – assistant editor Warner Bros
Anna Rawe – 1yr apprenticeship Walt Disney then freelance

Most of the jobs in this industry are freelance and there are lots more of our alumni who have become part of this ever changing and vibrant economy through that route.

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