BBC Children in need special school project

BBC Children in Need is funding for the Film and Video Workshop to work with young people in special schools in the Greater London area, and in the nearby regions including Essex and Kent.

Applications are open now for workshops taking place for the academic year Jan 2021 to July 2022, apply here

We will come to your school and work with a class or small group of students. They can be of any age from 6 to 19. We will adapt the workshop to fit to your particular needs and can focus the project around any theme or area of study.

During the workshop the students come up with an idea and develop a storyboard. We then help them create the artwork and teach them how to animate and bring their story to life. Finally, the students will add a soundtrack and share their films online with their friends and family.

The funding has been raised to help students with three key areas;

  1. Building self-confidence and self-esteem, particularly around their ability to express themselves through a creative medium
  2. Team working skills
  3. Increase the student’s independence and self-advocacy. Specifically in the area of choosing and deciding



Key points:

  • Your school contributes £150 towards the £2,000 funding we have already raised.
  • The workshop should take place out of school hours.
  • This project is for special schools

The project should take place outside school hours, this leaves after-school, weekends and holidays. We are quite happy to work in any of these times if you feel you have a suitable group. The workshop should run for around 5 visits and these can be days or part days

What teachers say about past projects in special schools:

-With the animation workshops, some students expressed themselves through animation as never before. (Heather Gordon – Springhallow School)

-The tutor was excellent and kept the children engaged. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will take away many new skills. Would definitively recommend! (Carolyn Wright – Castledon School)

-The children excelled in ways I did not know about them. Really brilliant. The staff enjoyed it too! (Mary Farmer – The Cedars)

Example films we have helped special school children make

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