Avid Introduction

avid-course-pageDay: Fridays
Time: 18:30 – 21:00
Duration: 5 weeks
Price: £199 (concessions £159)

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Course Overview
This course provides you with an introduction to Avid editing software. It will help you to produce your own edits and understand various tools so that you can begin to use them  creatively. This course seeks to give you the necessary confidence to use this industry standard software, without feeling intimidated.

Course Outcomes
Upon completing this course, you will:
• Understand the terminology of the Avid editing process
• Have an understanding of the files required to create and construct an edit
• Be able to create an edit with a few tracks and feel in control of the process
• Be able create more complex sequences
• Understand how to use basic effects and colour correction techniques
• Feel confident in beginning your own edit projects

Lesson Structure
Lesson 1
 A brief history of Avid • Naming a project • The basic layout of an Avid suite • The source and record monitors • The timeline • Creating a new user profile • The settings tab • Audio projects • Bin settings • Keyboard and command pallette settings • Capturing from a deck • Timeline settings • Trim settings
Lesson 2
 Setting up your camera or deck to capture • Batch capturing • Basic source and record editing • Bins • Loading and playing clips • Marking a clip • Duplicating and saving sequences
Lesson 3
 Track selection and track patch • Smooth scrubbing • Splice in and overwrite edits • Audio clip gain • Segment and overwrite modes • The 3-point edit • Lifting and extracting • The match frame button • Locators • Avid trimming tips • The solo feature
Lesson 4
 Timeline navigation • The clip name menu • Duplicating your sequence • Creating split edits • Trimming ‘on the fly’ • Sliding and slipping • Sorting in a bin • Making subclips • The audio mix tool • Setting levels and pan
Lesson 5
 The timeline’s fast menu • Adding a basic 3D effect • Motion effects • Freeze frames • The importance of timecode • Copying to the clipboard • Retrieving a bin from the attic • Backing up the projects folder • The title tool components • Recording voice over • Basic colour correction • AMA settings • What is MSX? • Consolidating and transcoding • Exporting

Entry Requirements
Basic knowledge of video production techniques is recommended. Students should be Mac or PC literate and fluent in English.

Alan Harris is a professional editor and colourist with 17 years experience in post-production. He is highly skilled user of Avid Adrenaline, Avid XpressPro, Avid DS, Nitris and Online Linear. Alan’s clients have included BBC, British Sky Broadcasting, Discovery Channel, Channel 5, National Geographic and The History Channel.

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