Animagine resources

This web resource provides detailed advice on how to use our DVD in the classroom. It is adapted from our booklet that comes with the DVD and contains more up to date information and additional material and downloads. If you have been using this resource we would appreciate any feedback and any advice you might want to pass on to your colleagues in the form of lessons plans etc.





An introduction to the Animagine Teacher’s Booklet, including sections on ‘Why teach about films?’ ‘Why teach about animated films?’ and ‘What can children learn from animated films?

Talking About Films In The Classroom

This area includes sections on ‘Preparing for the viewing’, Preparatory Activities’, ‘Organising the viewing’, ‘Strategies for viewing’, Making the most of classroom talk’  and ‘Following up’.

Making Animated Films In The Classroom

This area includes sections entitled ‘Not confident with IT?’, ‘What technique should I use?’, ‘Three easy options for doing entry level animation in the classroom’, ‘Explaining the basic principle of animation’, ‘First steps’, ‘Storyboards’ and ‘Animation Techniques’.

Technical Help

Details of the most up to date software and hardware

The Films

Each films synopsis and film makers notes along with specific teaching guidance.

Word Glossary

The area is contains a ‘Teacher’s Crib Sheet’ which provides you with some background information and vocabulary to support your own thinking about the films as well as children’s discussion and analysis of the films. Each term is given a general definition and most of the words are also illustrated with examples from the films on the DVD.

Assessment Framework

Adapted from the literacy framework and provides a format to understand progression

Lesson Plans and Teaching Sequences

Tried and tested resources from practicing teachers

Download the original 64 page mini booklet

Download the Animagine teaching sequences

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