The Film & Video Workshop work in 2010 – our year 13

The headline events this year were –

  • Successfully running “Invest in Youth” NEET project £40,000 over 2 years
  • Successfully running “Momentum” NEET project –  £147,000 over 2 years
  • Successfully running “Generations” Young Londoner’s transition project £60,000 over 2 years
  • Involving 5 volunteers in the running of the organisation

Young peoples workshops.
We completed 50 youth projects and worked with 692 young people providing a variety of moving image workshops. Last years figures were 34 projects working with 628 young people. This year breaks down into the following;

  • 1 Primary animation workshop – 3 days – 30 young people
  • 6 Primary animation workshops – 1 day – 100 young people
  • 4 Primary video workshops – 6 days – 110 young people
  • 8 Special school animation workshops – 8 days – 96 young people
  • 12 Secondary animation workshops – 4 days – 112 young people
  • 2 Secondary video projects – 1 days – 45 young people
  • 3 Secondary animation projects – 10 days – 30 young people

We also ran school clubs and holiday projects;

  • 7 Islington holiday clubs – 4 days – 105 young people
  • 2 Saturday clubs – 6 sessions – 12 young people

In addition we ran a variety of other projects;

  • Tate Modern’s Media box  – 9 days – 15 young people launching the comic art exhibition
  • Ashford carers support – 4 days – 6 young people
  • Churchfield primary school’s first light project  – 10 day – 8 young people
  • Stonewall’s annual video competition and young people production – 2 days – 15 young people
  • Hungerford primary green team film – 8 days – 8 children

Teacher training
We have started to focus on helping teacher’s run their own animation workshops and have been involved with two sessions in Ealing and 5 sessions in Norfolk. The Norfolk project was in partnership with the Media Education Association and involved three LEAs, 15 schools and 6 animators. This is an area we will be trying to increase in the future

London International Animation Festival
This is the second year of Film Council finance and the festival moved to a bigger venue at the Renoir. This led to a slight increase in audience however the houses looked less full as the screening room were bigger.

Adult learning
We do not receive any funding for our courses and provide entry-level tuition for filmmakers and animator as well as some higher-level course. We also subsidise some introduction courses. The aim is to provide a cheap way for people to get started

Courses – 50
Total students – 402
Students claiming concessions – 109
% full based on 15 students – 53%

Our membership has remained at an average of 90 people, this is driven probably equally by people wanting to hire equipment and people wanting to use our open access sessions. Our open access session continues to be used by an average of 5 people per session.

Specific Project details
1) “Momentum” funded by LSC and ESF. This project is led by Vital Regeneration and is run in conjunction with Space studios, and Weekend Arts Collage. The project is aimed at providing support to NEET youths aged 14-19. We are focusing on potential NEET young people in the school setting. During this year we completed most of the work and have successful received the majority of the funding. It was a very hard project beset with paperwork difficulties. However there was some outstanding work with young people whose lives have been directly changed for the better.

2) “Invest in Youth” funded by the LSC and ESF. This project is lead by Islington Training Network and is run in conjunction with Elthorne Learning Centre and UKCG. Again this project is aimed at NEET young people ages 14-19. We mostly finished this project and have received most of the finance. This project was also hard work but with much smoother administration. Again there was some very good work with young people were we made a significant difference to their futures.

3) “Generations” funded by LDA and led by Paddington Arts, the project is run in conduction with Vital regeneration, Space studio and Weekend art college. This project is aimed at helping young Londoners who suffer a variety of barriers. We are focusing on helping young people transfer from primary to secondary school. We are helping the young people create leaver DVDs that celebrate their primary career and look forward to secondary school. This is a very successful and positive programme as it was designed by us as a response to student and school needs. Therefore we created a structure that was easy to implement and appreciated by all

Fundraising Activities
We have applied to a variety of sources with about a 35% success rate.

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