The Film and Video Workshop in 2009 – Year 12

This year we helped 628 young people and 267 adults to make films. We did this by running 34 children’s projects and 58 adults courses. We also screened 240 animations at our Festival – The London International Animation Festival. This is the first year for three large and exciting projects. Two aimed at young people aged 14-19 who are having trouble at home or school and one is about working with Year six children and their transition to secondary school.

The headline projects this year were –
Starting “Momentum”  NEET project –  £147,000 over 2 years
Starting “Invest in Youth” NEET project £40,000 over 2 years
Staring “Generations” Young Londoner’s transition project £60,000 over 2 years

Young peoples workshops.
We completed 34 projects and worked with 628 young people providing a variety of moving image workshops, this breaks down into the following;

  • 2 Primary video workshops – 10 days – 105 young people
  • 7 Special school animation workshops – 8 days – 84 young people
  • 1 Secondary animation workshops – 12 days – 12 young people
  • 1 Secondary video project – 2 days – 30 young people
  • 1 Secondary animation project – 5 days – 25 young people
  • 3 Youth club projects – 12 days – 25 young people
  • 8 Islington holiday clubs – 4 days – 112 young people
  • 1 Youth music clubs – 4 days – 14 young people
  • 4 clubs for The Cartoon Museum – 3 days – 96 young people

In addition we ran a variety of other projects;

  • Tate Modern’s summer course – 5 days – 15 young people
  • New Direction PowerPoint project – 12 days – 30 young people
  • Southwark CLC animation project – 5 days  – 20 young people
  • 3 primary school filming projects  – 1 day – 60 young people

London International Animation Festival
This year we were awarded £50,000 from the Film Council to help develop the festival over the next three years. This year’s festival went very well with an increase in films screened and audience numbers.

Adult Learning
We are now no longer funded to run courses and so have focused on paid courses, this is mostly evening classes but we also have some weekend and day courses. This has mostly worked although the profit margin is very small. WE were funded to run two courses, on funded funded by Skillset and one funded by Camden Council, both of these were one day events, full and went very well. Towards the end of the year we started to run access courses that do not cover costs but help achieve the charities aims.

Student fees for the year were £26,321 however this includes approximately £1,700 of membership fees

Courses – 58,
Total students – 267
Students claiming concessions – 101
% full based on 15 students – 43%

Our membership has remained at an average of 90 people, this is driven probably equally by people wanting to hire equipment and people wanting to use our open access sessions. Our open access session continues to be used by an average of 5 people per session.

Specific Project details
1) “Momentum” funded by LSC and ESF. This project is led by Vital Regeneration and is run in conjunction with Space studios, and Weekend Arts Collage. The project is aimed at providing support to NEET youths aged 14-19. We are focusing on potential NEET young people in the school setting. The project has stated well and we are achieving our targets. The main development for us is that we will be awarding Arts awards and working closely with the schools inclusion officers and connection workers. There is a 70% BME target.

2) “Invest in Youth” funded by the LSC and ESF. This project is lead by Islington Training Network and is run in conjunction with Elthorne Learning Centre and UKCG. Again this project is aimed at NEET young people ages 14-19. In this project we are targeting youth clubs and their clients. We are achieving our targets.

3) “Generations” funded by LDA and led by Paddington Arts, the project is run in conduction with Vital regeneration, Space studio and Weekend art college. This project is aimed at helping young Londoners who suffer a variety of barriers. We are focusing on helping young people transfer from primary to secondary school. We are helping the young people create leaver DVDs that celebrate their primary career and look forward to secondary school.

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