2011 – year 14

Achievements & Performance

This year saw the winding down of our big three-year projects and the starting of our largest project to date. The new project was the result of earlier work with our partner Tribal and an extension of that project. It was funded again by the ESF/LSC and will be our main activity for the next two to three years. Financially the benefit will not be felt until the following years (15, 16, & 17) as the payments are heavily based on future delivery. This meant that this year was financially difficult with a focus on reducing costs. There was also a disappointingly low level of work from other sources. However the preparation for the new project meant that we employed a marketing person for 0.2 of a post. The company recorded a small loss.

The headline events this year were –

  • The start of a large new project “Horizons” £280,000 over 3 years
  • Successfully finishing “Momentum” NEET project –  £147,000 over 2 years
  • Successfully finishing “Invest in Youth” NEET project £40,000 over 2 years
  • Successfully finishing “Generations” Young Londoner’s transition project £60,000 over 2 years.
  • Involving 5 volunteers in the running of the organisation.

Young peoples workshops.
We completed 40 youth projects and worked with 510 young people providing a variety of moving image workshops. Last years figures were 50 projects working with 692 young people. This year breaks down into the following;

  •  1 Primary animation workshop – 3 days – 30 young people & parents
  •  5 Primary animation workshops – 1 day – 150 young people
  •  2 Primary video workshops – 6 days – 50 young people
  •  10 Special school animation workshops – 8 days – 109 young people
  •  10 Secondary animation workshops – 4 days – 120 young people
  •  1 Secondary video projects – 1 days – 60 young people
  •  3 Secondary animation projects – 10 days – 30 young people

We also ran school clubs and holiday projects;

  • 2 Islington holiday clubs – 4 days – 35 young people
  • 6 Saturday clubs – 6 sessions – 40 young people

In addition we ran a variety of other projects;

  • Barbican’s film nation project – 1 day – 4 students
  • Platform’s animation project with Shape – 8 days – 12 SEN young people
  • Muybridge animation workshop at Kingston Museum – 30 young people
  • Stonewall’s annual video competition and young people production – 2 days – 15 young people
  • Hungerford leaver dvd – 8 days – 55 children

Teacher training
In addition to helping support 21st century literacy project for the BFI we ran two consultancy projects supporting teacher learning about animation.

London International Animation Festival
This is the final year of Film Council finance and the festival staying at the Renioir however the following year has been agreed to be at the Barbican. There was a smaller audience but a higher sponsorship. We also instigated a volunteer scheme and started the touring programme.

Sept 2010 Sept 2009  Sept 2008 Sept 2007
Ticket sales £4979 £4841 £4476 £3822
Films shown 326 342 240 240
Audience 1780 2650 2550 2443
Films received UK 326
Films received all 2300 2150 1900
Advertising/sponsorship £2825 £1900 £500 £200
London venues 2
Venues not in festival 2

Adult Learning
We do not receive any funding for our courses and provide entry-level tuition for filmmakers and animator as well as some higher-level course. We also subsidise some introduction courses. The aim is to provide a cheap way for people to get started


Termsssssssssssss Courses Students





Autumn 10







Spring 11







Summer 11







Totals for year







Totals Yr 13







Totals Yr 12







Student fees for the year were £31,398 as opposed to £26,480 last year. This includes approximately £1,700 of membership fees for both years. “Profit” is the amount retained after paying advertising and tutor fees and does not include admin or running costs.

Our membership has remained at an average of 90 people, this is driven equally by people wanting to hire equipment and people wanting to use our open access sessions. Our open access session continues to be used by an average of 5 people per session.

 Specific Project details
1) “Horizons” funded by the LSC, ESF and YPLS. This project is run by Tribal education PLC. We are the main delivery partner. Our responsibility it is to recruit the schools and run the non accredited learning for five sixths of the numbers. That is 440 young pre NEET students. The project is designed to intervene whist the students are on the edge of exclusion or truanting and help them stay in school. The animation workshop attracts them to the project and the long term (three terms) of mentoring provides the care and support. We have made a very good start and have managed to exceed targets so far.

1) “Momentum” funded by LSC and ESF. This project is led by Vital Regeneration and is run in conjunction with Space studios, and Weekend Arts Collage. The project is aimed at providing support to NEET, youths aged 14-19. We are focusing on potential NEET young people in the school setting. During this year we finished the project. We exceeded all targets except employment where we were 20% under.  There was some outstanding work with young people whose lives have been directly changed for the better.

2) “Invest in Youth” funded by the LSC and ESF. This project is lead by Islington Training Network and is run in conjunction with Elthorne Learning Centre and UKCG. Again this project is aimed at NEET young people ages 14-19. We finished this project and again exceeded all targets. Again there was some very good work with young people were we made a significant difference to their futures.

3) “Generations” funded by LDA and led by Paddington Arts, the project is run in conduction with Vital regeneration, Space studio and Weekend art college. This project is aimed at helping young Londoners who suffer a variety of barriers. We are focusing on helping young people transfer from primary to secondary school. We are helping the young people create leaver DVDs that celebrate their primary career and look forward to secondary school. This is a very successful and positive programme as it was designed by us as a response to student and school needs. Therefore we created a structure that was easy to implement and appreciated by all. We finished this project

Internal and External Factors
The trustees have made a full assessment of any factors that may effect these financial statements and do not deem any factors material enough to have an impact, apart from the following:

The current climate of reduced funding has seriously affected our sector and will cause the company difficulties in securing funding. Therefore we will be carefully monitoring the cash flow. Our new project will provide security for the next two years if all goes to plan and will allow us to make a small investment in capital goods and projects.

 Objectives and strategies for the coming year

  1. Fulfil our commitments to our contracts– we will do this by:
    1. Working closely with our partners and ensuring that enough management resources are in place to set up and organise the activity.
  1. Continue to stabilise the charity in the wake of the reduced funding – we will do this by:
    1. Continue to cut costs and keep tight control on spending.
    2. Look for opportunities to extend any contract work
    3. Search for new projects and funding
  1. Invest in company by develop our core work – we will do this by:
    1. Purchasing replacement camera kit
    2. Running a children’s animation bursary
    3. Running an adults animation bursary
    4. Building our production experience
  1. Develop the programme of workshops and school activities – we will do this by:
    1. Research new markets and opportunities
    2. Research new techniques and technology
    3. Work with new tutors
  1. Increase our training take up – we will do this by
    1. Increase advertising and improving our provision
    2. More advanced use of Google ad words and analytics
    3. SEO


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