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This free, one day project, will improve student’s interview skills and help them get work ready through one-to-one sessions with Goldman Sachs employees.

The project takes place in your school and is completely free, it is open to all secondary schools in and around London. The team will run mock interviews with your students then feedback on the interview and offer careers advice.

There are only a limited number of places which will be filled on a first-come first-served basis, (we also need to ensure a geographical spread).

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The Goldman Sachs employees will have been prepared and practiced to help your students, The Film and Video Workshop has 20 years experience working with young people in schools and will facilitate and manage theemployees2 project. The team will work in a large open area and the students will be interviewed individually by one or two GS employees.

The students will be interviewed for a “student position” in their school so they will be skilled and experienced at the fictional job they are being interviewed for. This will let the GS staff and student focus on interview technique. The feedback session will unpick the student’s responses and together the GS staff and student will work on improving the student’s skills.

GS imageThe GS staff will also talk about their routes to employment, offer employment skills advice and other key tips for getting and keeping a job.
We are hoping to have 20 GS staff visit your school and work in pairs. Over the day they will see 4 to 5 students working with each one for around an hour. Each session will start with a formal interview where the student plays the roll of a candidate seeking a position in the school. After this a more informal session will start where the GS staff will give positive feedback and offer areas and techniques for improvement.



  • The project can take place anytime after 1st May and before 20th July
  • Each project will last one day, allowing the team to work for around 4 hours or so
  • The school should offer a few specific dates
  • The school should provide a hall or large open space
  • The school should be able to provide at least 50 students in groups of 10 and one supervising staff
  • The students can be of any age, although priority will be given to older children
  • The school should provide lunch and refreshments for the GS volunteers

Child protection
As none of the GS employees will have a DBS, the interviews need to take place in one large space so we can monitor the activity. Any notes taken will be destroyed and contact details will not be sought or offered. Our staff have DBS clearance and will ensure, through the training given before, the guidance information and monitoring, that child protection risks are minimised.

All the contributing staff at Goldman Sachs are volunteers and they choose which school they want to work with. This may mean that even though your school has been accepted into the programme, your project may not receive enough volunteers. You will be kept up to date with the progress of staff signing up to your project in good time for you to make alternative plans and we will try to ensure all projects go ahead.

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